Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, don't expect any photo posts from me for a while - burglars got into the house and in addition to taking just about ALL of my jewelry (I have a few plastic and costume pieces left that weren't in my jewelry box at the time), a large amount of Mom's good stuff, and my late father's wedding ring (from the funeral box, no less - we are PISSED about that one), they also snagged both of my digital cameras from the shelf above my computer. Mom came home and interrupted them before they could get her laptop or my computers (I have an ancient Mac laptop in addition to the ancient IBM thinkpad I use for my internet habits).

So. No camera. Bah. (Also, the graphite for fingerprinting gets EVERYWHERE and I'm still reaching into my BPAL stash to come up with black all over my fingers. And I thought I'd cleaned it all thoroughly. So.)

I did hit up Sephora today on the recommendation of several blogs in the past -- snagged the Clinique bottom lash mascara (OMG, holy grail indeed!), Buxom lip gloss in Dolly (Jury's out on that one - I didn't notice any plumping and I thought it dried my lips out a bit, but the color is nice...), and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, because I am a lazy sonofa... in the morning and the less my routine takes to look put together, the better.

I also got hit on in the mall. ^___^ It went from "Where'd you get your boots?!" to "... do you have a boyfriend?" Nice guy, trying very hard to NOT be creepy, and the little ego boost was what I needed after a very long few weeks.

So. No makeup pics (like I ever got around to them, anyway) and no kimono shots for a while. I'm considering a Nikon S4000 on sale right now and could get another memory card and a tripod for the rebate amount that's taken off the total price. It works a lot like my long-gone S360, but only comes in silver or red. I miss my purple camera. :( On the bright side, it's a touch-screen instead of all buttons, so that's nice. Either way, it's another expense, and non-essential makeup aside, I already bought some jewelry today to at least have something to wear in my ears at work, so it's going to be a pricey month. Hopefully that bonus that work keeps promising will come in...