About Me

Hi! My name is Britt and I live in Southern California. My day job is in a big office building at a small desk, but my passion lies with creative pursuits. (Those, unfortunately, don't pay the bills.)  I'm an introvert who lives with her extrovert mother and a spoiled dog.  I've been trying to make a go of it with an Etsy shop, but I'm not entrepreneurial by nature, so there have been a lot of stops and starts.  This blog started as a general hobby blog and then turned into the shop blog. Now it's a Frankenstein version of both since I haven't updated Livejournal in a very, very long time. :)

My hobbies include writing (for fun), music, makeup, Japanese cultural pursuits (tea, art, language, etc), kimono, cooking, fitness, and just about anything and everything else that involves the creative process. I go to evening classes for fun, because I'm a nerd. :) My idea of a fun afternoon is going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and learning new trivia.